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Natural therapy for the everyday Lover.

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welcome to

yoni herbs australia

what we do

Yoni Herbs Australia,

Naturally supporting your

Womb health & connection


herbal yoni steam blends,

Womb Massage &

1:1 self care support. 

Come home to the real you.


energy work & massage

Arrive and receive.

feeling frazzled? busy and run off your feet? feeling stagnant, stuck or at a crossroads in life? 

Lay back, close your eyes and allow yourself to be peacefully swept away by the calming atmosphere, soothing music and the gentle rhythmic massage,

intended to help shift any stagnant energy, making way for new insights, clarity, and feelings of rejuvenation.

It is time to be witnessed, heard, and deeply nourished in the form of deep listening and gentle relaxation massage.  

Would you like to feel weightless and safe enough to drift off into dreamland?  

Hop upon our massage table, be draped in a warm blanket and be treated to some subtle energetic manipulation, and physical touch in the form of rhythmic massage, using skin hydrating organic oils. 

It's time to fill your cup.

period education + young women's circles

A fortnightly gathering for girls 11+ to learn about the menstrual cycle, self-care, healthy relationships, non-violent communication, and how to look after their mental, emotional and physical health. The girls get to form new friendships, all whist making arts and craft and eating healthy snacks. Learn more here.

yoni steaming

Yoni or womb steaming,
is an ancient and gentle practice that has been used for thousands of years to support a healthy monthly flow, conception and healing postpartum here.

I had an in-person session with Tessa at Yoni Herbs and I cannot fault her or her powerful work one bit. She lovingly opened her home to me after I reached out to her seeking support as I’m going through some life challenges, postpartum and finding it hard to let my nervous system rest. She created the most beautiful, personal space in which she added her own personal touch, and tailored it to suit me perfectly, along with a tailored yoni steaming blend. I am grateful for Tessa’s support and the safe space she created for me to relax, release and ground/ come back to myself. She’s also extremely educated and shared her wisdom within our session so I can continue to support myself at home until my next visit.


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